Angry Birds Movie In the Works

As much as we love Angry Birds (there definitely was a time when we couldn't put the game down for hours), making a movie adaptation out of the hit game is just wrong and ridiculous. Think about it this way, if most games with fully-developed stories and characters have a hard time creating barely-watchable big-screen adaptations, what more Angry Birds whose only goal is to destroy the dastardly pigs who steal their eggs? Simplicity might be the key but really, who are we kidding? Executive producer David Maisel, the guy with links to films such as "Iron Man", "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger", is the mastermind behind the adaptation. According to Maisel, they are already in talks with Rovio, the company behind the phenomenal game, and possible screenwriters and directors so it's not far-off that we will see the film by next year. What do you think? Would Angry Birds the Movie succeed or not?

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