Pic3D Promises Glasses-Free 3D for your 2D Display

Going 3D does not come cheap. Watching movies in 3D means you pay an added premium and those pesky 3D glasses are a different matter altogether. The same case applies to getting 3D at home or at your fingertips. 3D capable TVs, multimedia players, laptops and phones all have a hefty and steep price. Global Wave promises to change all of that soon with its innovative product Pic3D. Pic3D is a special film (akin to a screen protector) that transforms any 2D LCD screen to a 3D display and its glasses-free at that. Cool right? It releases this August for LCD screens sized at 12.1, 15.6, 21.5 and 23 inches. The iPad 2, iPod Touch 4G and iPhone will also get some 3D conversion love. Catch the PR video after the break.

Source: CrunchGear



  1. i dont really like 3D... :P i hope they make cheaper big screens lcd/led TVs with complete features! :P