My Neighbor's Wife: Movie Review

While "My Neighbor's Wife" may gather headwind with controversial gossip and topics, you cannot quantify its beauty by being assuming it is only a sexy film. In fact, it is far from just being sexy and it is much farther away from being a mindless romp that local audiences are accustomed to. What we have in "My Neighbor's Wife" is a glimpse into reality - a slideshow that is rife of natural emotions that pull you into the film. While it impressed and surprised us even, we still cannot say that it is a perfect film. Its flaws are deeply rooted in how we expect our stories to develop, to end. Flaws that are primarily out of habit. Still, even with warts and all, "My Neighbor's Wife" is good enough to capture your emotions and it might even move you at times.

Bullet (Jake Cuenca) and Aaron (Dennis Trillo) are bestfriends and yet, both seem to live completely opposite lives. Bullet is married to Jasmine (Carla Abellana), has a kid and a thriving bar business. Bullet hides a secret though. As much as his life seems to be perfect on the outside, it really isn't. Bullet is a womanizer and it is eating up his relationship towards his family. Aaron on the other hand while also married to Cielo (Lovi Poe) is struggling to make ends meet. He has completely abandoned becoming a doctor and has yet to find a successful business venture. Even with all these struggles, both Aaron and Cielo still manage to remain faithful to each other. One night, when Aaron gets mad at Cielo for buying a luxury bag, Cielo decides to cool off somewhere. As fate would have it, Bullet sees her and both drown out their problems with alcohol. While drunk, they commit infidelity. The four friends are soon thrust into a complicated situation in which friendships and relationships are tested to the brink.

At times, "My Neighbor's Wife" is a moving film - it is able to convey the hurts and the pains each character is going through. Recognition is best given to the cast as they gave the film more character and made the movie more interesting. The drama was outstanding. While the actors did not wail like crazy, we actually liked it better. Every nuance of emotion came out naturally and believable at that. What ruins the film though is the revenge/reversal arc in the second half. It does make the film longer, more complicated, more dramatic even but is this really the best way to approach the problem? The film also botched the ending. The final scene for us, was unnecessary. It just doesn't make sense to show a flashback scene that has no contribution to the storyline. Yes, the scene it was connected with was pivotal but that was resolved already. Do you really need to inject a new "bombshell" before the credits roll? And the scenes before that has already shown a conclusion to both families, that each one has coped and able to move on. Why bring unnecessary confusion? While minor, we also hated that the theme song (or a random love song) was playing on key scenes. It's comical at best and honestly, this practice should end. It is a shame that scenes that should be serious even emotional are bulldozed by a love song that isn't in tune to what's happening on-screen. Overall, "My Neighbor's Wife" is not a must watch but it is good enough to be better than what we get usually and that itself is a feat it should be proud off.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- sexy scenes actually take a backseat to compelling acting and drama
- ables to capture and convey the hurts and pains straight through your hear

Why you shouldn't watch it
- ending that baffles us
- the theme song keeps playing in the background
- the revenge/reversal arc was just too much for us

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