Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi: Movie Review

"Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi" is a pun on a Filipino saying that primarily talks about being indecisive - wanting someone or something but knowing you can go on living even without getting them. Obviously, the context is about getting married to the person you love most or actually being unsure about it. "Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi" suffers the same mentality as its title. It does not know what it wants to do or how to deliver its primal message and in the end, Jose Javier Reyes' take on life and love and marriage turns into a boring and blubbering mess of insignificance. Should you watch "Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi" or even give it a chance? The answer is a definite no.

Precy (Eugene Domingo) has just discovered that her husband (Wendell Ramos) used up all of their savings for a pyramid scam. This is the last straw and she decides that she wants to leave her husband for good. Her friend convinces her to have an annulment. On the other hand, Precy's cousin, Belay (Toni Gonzaga) is coming back from Japan so she can marry her long-time boyfriend Oca (Zanjoe Marudo). The dream wedding that seemed so simple before turns out to be hellish. Both in-laws hate each other while Oca realizes that Belay has changed a lot for the past three years. Will Precy decide to proceed with her annulment and forever leave her husband and will Oca and Belay even have a wedding to begin with?

The thing about "Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi" is it fails to capture your attention. In fact, for a comedy film, this is the most boring we have ever watched. Countless times we just yawned or looked at our watches and hoped that the suffering ends soon but it does not for Pete's sake. The film trudges forward with scenarios that take too long to develop and moments that could have been scrapped and non-essential are emphasized while important plot points are left hanging in the air. Toni Gonzaga's character is annoying as hell. We know that the director wanted her character to be funny but the way she talks and acts was just too much (and not our cup of tea). Just trying to understand her dialogue was tiring already. As for the one-liners, they are funny indeed but they come rarely, swiftly and it's not worth waiting for honestly. Oh and another thing, the film feels more like a lesson on the annulment or marriage separation procedures of the Philippines (or the stupidity of the process as the film puts it in that light). You know, like the science/math shows that try to put up horrible skits and stories around the lessons they want us to learn? Yeah, passable for a television show but not really what you want in a film. We all know Jose Javier Reyes can do way better than the way he did "Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi" and that's a shame.

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- if you want a lesson in the annulment process of the Philippines then this is probably the best way to learn a few things about it.

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the occasional one-liners that don't fail to make you laugh don't make up for the snore-fest that composes 99% of the film
- Toni Gonzaga's character was just annoying and not funny at all



  1. whoever wrote this review has NO sense of humor!! the film is definitely worth the watch!

  2. i havnt watched the film yet.. but i guess its nice naman.. super negative review naman ata binigay mo dude..

  3. Agree with this. Si Toni Gonzaga na na-threaten yata kay Eugene Domingo nagpaka-O.A. sobrang annoying!

  4. Toni Gonzaga was not at all annoying. I believe the personality she brought to the film is quite similar to her personality off cam. She was really good and the movie was great, indeed. It tackled an issue popular in the Philippines and showcased how Filipinos do handle such situation. I guess you don't have the Filipino laughter in you.