Sony Decides to Stop Subsidizing 3D Glasses in American Theaters - What Happens Next?

Movies nowadays cost an arm and a leg especially going 3D. From an average of P180 for a regular 2D movie, watching 3D can double the price in an instant. And for what? A darker and dimmer film, eye sores and cheap-ass reusable 3D glasses. It has always been our mantra to say that if you want to go the 3D route then just choose IMAX over Digital 3D. It's more expensive perhaps but you get a bigger screen (way bigger in fact) and IMAX films are usually designed for 3D from the get-go. Quality-wise, IMAX wins. But does it solve the hefty cost issues? Well obviously not. So why are we even blabbering about 3D and its additional premium?

Sony (in America that is) just decided that they will stop paying for 3D glasses used in theaters across the United States. It's effective May 2012 and theater owners there are not happy. We see two scenarios happening. First, 3D prices may actually go higher as theater owners will pay for the temporary 3D glasses and second, theater owners will sell 3D glasses to movie-goers that they will keep and use whenever they come back or watch a 3D film somewhere else. The second scenario actually sounds nice. Sure, there's going to be a premium for 3D still but if it is going to be cheaper than the current rates then the 3D glasses cost would eventually pay for themselves.

So what do you guys think about this? If given a choice, would you pay for your own 3D glasses for cheaper prices in the long-run or do you still prefer the status quo?

Image Source: Fashionably Geek

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