Breaking Dawn Part 1: Movie Review

The book "Breaking Dawn" is one long read. One may easily justify that the final book's big screen adaptation should then be separated into two parts. It's a win-win situation. In fact, fans "may" get a fuller experience and the big guys eke out more money from the franchise. After watching "Breaking Dawn Part 1", we can say that the decision to make two films was the wrong move. Although the film does ramp up interest toward the end, most of it was unnecessarily slow and worse, pointless. Like a student who struggles to make a term paper's minimum page requirement and solves it by writing endless paragraphs with no sense, almost all scenes in "Breaking Dawn Part 1" was prolonged to death.

Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) are finally getting married. During their honeymoon, Edward and Bella finally consummate their marriage. Soon, Bella finds out that she is pregnant and it seems that her baby is actually growing in a very rapid rate. Bella and Edward also discover that the fetus inside Bella's womb is sucking her blood. Since the fetus is actually slowly killing Bella, the werewolves decide that the baby must die. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) thinks that Bella and her baby must live and join forces with the Cullen family.

"Breaking Dawn Part 1" feels more like a telenovela than a film and a bad one at that. The film primarily centers on the wedding and honeymoon of Edward and Bella. While we agree that these are important to the overall story, the time spent by the film on those two scenes alone is alarming. We can forgive the overly-melodramatic scenes if done moderately (what can you expect from a "Twilight" film in the first place? Edward acts and talks emo) but do it endlessly for more than sixty minutes with no point at all? Stop wasting our time. It's pretty obvious that they "forcibly" wanted two parts without really justifying with the material shown in Part 1 - and they actually missed out details from the book. Too bad since the acting was actually great, the effects even better and the final twenty minutes or so a thriller. It all goes to waste by 90 minutes of useless, uninspired and boring filler material. They did remove some awkward tendencies from the first two films (specifically Jacob taking of his shirt all the time) but they replaced these with way more negatives. We do know that "Breaking Dawn Part 1" is a stepping stone to a final, concluding film - we just wished they planned this more thoroughly.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the acting was actually good
- the ending was a thriller

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- most of it was boring and uninspired filler material
- melodramatic, emo and feels like a cheap telenovela

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  1. This movie is just average. Only teens will love this.

    Vampire Diaries is way better than Twilight! and YES! Vampire Diaries is only a TV series but it rocks badass!

    Elena owns Bella anytime and The Salvatore brothers pawns Edward and Jacob bigtime!

  2. I could not have agreed more with your review. The movie was a total let down and the best part of it was the last five minutes.
    Yes, believe it or not, The Vampire Diaries episodes surpass the motion pictures of The Twighlight Series. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan, however, Breaking Dawn Part I really turned me off. The books are by far much more detailed and exciting. I only hope Part II makes up for all of their poor decisions in Part I. I really don't understand why we have to wait another year.

  3. All you guys are crazy! And obviously haven't read the books, or were fans in the first place. If that's the case, then this movie was not meant for you. The decision to make the decision to split the last book into 2 movies was simply genius. That way they can give the "fans" exactly what they have been waiting for all this time, which was to see more of the wedding and the honeymoon, you know "the good stuff." I thought it was a beautiful interpretation of what Stephanie Meyer created in her books. And I am not a teenager, I'm 32 years old to be exact, and I can't wait to see the next one! Twilight fan for life!!!! ;)

  4. I’ve seen all the Twilight movies and have enjoyed them thoroughly. Sometimes sequels take the original story in a totally different direction that interferes with the natural flow of the story, but this did not. It was as if it was the day after the “the eclipse sequel”. This movie did seem to take a little too long before the action got started. After all, I am an action movie lover. But that maybe because lingered on the love scenes a little longer than I would have liked. The wedding was just breathtaking. I wish I could have afforded such lavish honeymoon when I got married years ago. But once the action started…it didn’t stop. Which I really loved! And when the movie was at its best it was over. I can’t wait to watch the last sequel. I would even pay someone to get my hands on an exclusive copy. I rate this movie….A MUST SEE!