Jack and Jill: Movie Review

"Jack and Jill" is one of the worst comedies we have seen ever. Even for the usual standards we set for an Adam Sandler and Happy Madison film, the film just feels like a slap in your face when you watch it. No, the comedy is not stale, in fact it's actually funny at times but this come at the expense of things that constitutes a real movie. For sure, you will laugh but at the end of the day, the blatant lack of effort and direction and the long unnerving sequences will frustrate you and will definitely make you wish you didn't give your hard-earned cash to Mr. Sandler's pockets.

Jack Warren (Adam Sandler) is a successful advertising executive in Los Angeles who hates his twin sister with all his guts. One day, Dunkin Donuts, Jack's biggest client, demands that they want Al Pacino to promote their new product the "Dunkacino" or they will find a new ad agency to do it. Jack knows that Al Pacino won't do the commercial not until Al meets his twin sister, Jill (Adam Sandler) who finds Jill's Bronx upbringing very attractive. Now, Jack must find a way to make Jill fall in love with Al - even if it means that Jill will stay with his family a little while longer than expected.

It is implied in the movie that Jack hates Jill to the core. She is one loud, annoying, rowdy and insensitive woman. It's amazing that these sentiments are the same things we felt while watching "Jack and Jill". Jill is one annoying character that isn't funny at all and it does not help for the fact that she stars in endless and long sequences. It was as if they wanted to make this film longer but they really didn't know how to (it's so shallow that's why) so they just shoved countless banter in almost all scenes. We also have to note that even though the film was funny, it was more brought up by Al Pacino and Eugenio Derbez's character, Felipe. Without them this film would probably be un-watchable. And don't get us started with the blatant product placements that are scattered all throughout the movie. Yes, there's an ad agency bit in there but there are also times where there are placements outside of Jack's office. As Al Pacino said in the final scene, "no one should ever watch this", we have the same sentiments for "Jack and Jill". There's really no reason why you should ever watch it and it is a shame that it was even made.

Rating: half a reel

Why you should watch it:
- please don't watch this trash. this is one of the worst comedies ever.

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- blatant product placement in a Hollywood film
- Jill as a character was annoying
- the sequences were just very long and boring

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