This Means War: Movie Review

If we could describe "This Means War" in three words then those words would be fast, thrilling and fun. This is a movie that will not leave you bored out of your wits but it is also a film that lacks any semblance of logic at its core. It's blatant stupidity just slams right in your face without any remorse and you just have to accept it to enjoy the film. We get "This Means War" actually - romcom for the ladies with a twist of action for the men. A total win-win situation right? Not so much. A jack of all trades does not make a good movie. If you are game for a mindless, romance comedy with a hint of action then this is the perfect film for you but for everyone else, they might need to reconsider.

Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR (Chris Pine) are one of the top agents of the CIA. When a mission in Hong Kong goes bad, they are instantly "grounded" from doing field work. Tuck, after seeing FDR's grandparents' love for each other, decides that he wants to settle down with a girl already. He signs up an account at an online dating site and sets up a date with Lauren Scott (Reese Witherspoon). After Tuck and Lauren's date, FDR accidentally meets Lauren at a mall and finds her attractive. He sets up a date with her not knowing that this is also the same girl that Tuck likes. The next day, the two find out that they have dated and liked just one girl. A rivalry ensues between Tuck and FDR that will test both their professional and personal lives.

The thing that "This Means War" does well is its comedy. From start to finish, we found ourselves laughing non-stop especially when things get a little too complicated between the characters of Tuck and FDR. The situations are great and the one-liners and quips even better. Even the interaction Lauren and her friend brings a lot of cheers and laughter. But that's probably the only good thing about "This Means War. After that, everything else just feels a little too stupid to really make any sense. Yes, they are federal agents but both characters live like rock stars. They also used the CIA's resources to spy and eavesdrop on Lauren's life to the point that each man had their own 24/7 team to monitor and track her. No one noticed them? No one even reported their blatant abuse? Oh really. Even Lauren's pick by the end of the film even baffled us further. "This Means War" is by no means bad. It was actually fun. You just have to accept that it more or less sucks on polish and rationality.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the film is funny and fast and never a boring moment

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- overall, the film just lacks any sense of polish, rationality and logic

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