Unofficially Yours: Movie Review

"Unofficially Yours" dares to tread the thing that serious lovers might consider taboo. A romantic movie in the midst of an idea that isn't about serious love? The idea is courageous to say the least. While the premise might be daring and inventive on paper, the actual product that audiences will get to see is very far from that. And here lies the irony, the idea itself destroys the film. It limited its capability to show genuine love and genuine feelings we usually expect from relationships - real or fiction. It will confuse you, it will feel very shallow on most parts, it will end abruptly and it is predictable. What started as a innovative idea ends up just the same as any romcom film out there.

Mackie Galvez (John Lloyd-Cruz) is a man who loves unconditionally, he would literally drop everything if he falls in love with a girl. Regrettably, even with all his efforts, Mackie has had too many failed relationships in the past. An occurrence that has depressed him ever since his last break up and has him wondering what he has been doing wrong. Ces Bricento (Angel Locsin) on the other hand is the complete opposite of Mackie. She does not believe in serious relationships and in fact, she wants none of the hassles but all of the positive benefits she could get from it. When they accidentally become office mates, their philosophies and hearts collide. A friendship cum relationship that will turn their beliefs and worlds topsy-turvy.

"Unofficially Yours" never gets the ball rolling. Almost from start to finish, the film feels lost, devoid of any connection to the audience and when it does get some depth, the film decides to end things abruptly and predictably. The film concentrated too much on the "unofficial" relationship side of things. An interpretation that more or less just contained countless sex scenes from the lead actors while only one of those scenes really mattered (one of the funniest bits at that). Having a "shallow" relationship actually made this into a shallow film and having a "confusing and clueless" relationship made this into a confusing and clueless film. While the story might be a huge disappointment, everything else was the opposite. The lines were good, fresh and mostly funny - not cheesy at all. While the acting was average with John Lloyd strutting his stuff once again while Angel somewhat lagging on some scenes, there was clear chemistry between the two leads. With a better story, "Unofficially Yours" could have been an instant classic but it decides to have a story that didn't know what it wanted to do at times and one that ends predictably as any local romcom film out there.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- John Lloyd and Angel has chemistry and did a pretty good job
- the film was funny that contained fresh, non-cheesy lines

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- not as daring as its premise, the story and the ending was a complete letdown. Do we need another happy ending?

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