Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang: Movie Review

"Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang" astoundingly fails in everything. Nevermind that it tries to explain how the myth of the "aswang" came to be with a love story - we can actually forgive that; but with its lackluster, boring and very predictable story and weak characters and a miscasting the leads, it makes you think if they even put some effort and mind into this. To be honest, it felt like an "Underworld" movie minus the action and the charisma of Kate Beckinsale. At least an "Underworld" flick has something to sell to the audience (even if those are the most shallow of things) - for "Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang" there really was nothing literally.

It is 1946 and the people of the town of Magdalena are still reeling from the effects of World War II. Corazon (Erich Gonzales) and her husband Daniel (Derek Ramsay) have been trying their best to have a child for five years already to no avail. Corazon, willing to sacrifice everything to bear a child, decides to visit a local witch known to have miraculous yet controversial powers. The witch lends Corazon an idol of a certain saint and tells her to pray alone for two weeks to test her faith and conviction. The idol proves its worth when Corazon becomes pregnant. Everything is well until the day of her childbirth when the newborn baby dies upon delivery and Corazon becomes crazy. From that day onwards, Corazon vows to renounce God and seek revenge to all the children in town.

It all boils down to being interesting and "Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang" fails to establish any inkling of it from start to finish. Not with its knack in giving away its possible twists and shockers and forgetting plot elements like there was no tomorrow. For example, you know what will happen to Corazon after her childbirth when an earlier scene showed a dog eating its own dead puppy or how it forgets to properly explain how the local witch was "controversial" but when actually seeing her, there was nothing wrong about her. There was just too many unanswered questions really. As for the acting, we are somewhat satisfied with the acting of Erich and even Derek but we felt they were miscast for the lead characters. Derek Ramsay does not come off as a genuine farmer and Erich was lousy aswang. Much praise though for the supporting cast especially Jeffrey Quizon. The best asset of the film was its cinematography but its yellowish-sepia tone was used too much at times. Also, what's up with the jumpy editing and the amateurish make-up? In the end, there was just a certain disconnection that completely feels off. It's a combination of a lot of bad things which the film is abundant on.

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- there's no reason or rhyme to watch "Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang"

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the lead characters were miscast
- the movie had a knack in giving its twists and surprises away
- boring at most times, the film accomplishes nothing



  1. This is true! We've watched Corazon last night but after the movie we realized that we just wasted our time and money.

    The production team was very inconsistent with the lead characters costume, make up, etc.

    Total disaster! What happened to the movie outfit? what happened to the screening committee?

  2. for me it was one of the great horror love story i've ever watch.. wonderful! two thumbs up.

  3. im very emotionally while im watching this movie instead of making me scared it makes me cried because of the great love story.

  4. I definitely agree with you. The movie is so overrated. The editing was very poor as well as the transitions. The transitions were too fast. I also agree that derek ramsey isn't fit for that role. He doesn't look like a peasant.

    The movie was supposed to scare the audience but unfortunately we end up laughing instead.

  5. Mas ok pa nga to sa hunger games eh...

  6. Sobrang panget. Para siyang kwento ng Penanggalan ng Malaysia at hindi Aswang ng Pilipinas. Parehong Pareho.