Head and Shoulders Hair-Obsessed Contest Might Net You a Brand New Canon DSLR

Hey! Summer's here and a majority of the young populace are free from school and yes, homework. But we are pretty sure some are bored out of their wits and wants to let some of their creative juices flow. Yeah, just when you thought that having so much time was easy, you just don't know which to do first. Luckily, Head and Shoulders Philippines has the perfect promo to solve that dilemma with its "Hair-Obsessed" contest. The mechanics are simple really. Shoot a 1-3 minute video and upload it to Youtube and you might get a chance to win a Canon 600D DSLR or an HP laptop or a Sony digicam and some cash. The contest is open to anyone so budding filmmaker or not, you only need some brains, humor, wit and creativity. Check out the official FB page of the contest for the exact details and mechanics. Good luck!

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