Titanic 3D Just Premiered in London and Have Some Interesting Historical Tidbits to Celebrate

One of the biggest -selling movies ever had its second premiere today in London. "Titanic 3D" promises to take the more than decade old film into the modern era of films with its 3D re-release. To celebrate, we have some interesting tidbits about the Titanic and a featurette that explains how "Titanic" was converted to the third dimension and why you should watch it once more. A history lesson and a film-making lecture commences after the break.

Here are some interesting info about the Titanic:
• R.M.S. stands for Royal Mail Steamer.

• Titanic was the second of three superliners constructed by White Star Line to ply the Atlantic .

• Titanic measured 882 feet, longer than the tallest skyscraper in New York at the time.

• The rudder alone, in excess of 101 tons, was heavier than Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria.

• There were approximately 100,000 pounds of meat on board Titanic.

• There were enough lifeboats to accommodate only half of Titanic’s passengers.

• The top speed of Titanic was 23 knots.

• Titanic’s top first-class ticket price was $3,100 while the cost of a third-class ticket was $32

• To build Titanic in 1912 cost approximately $7.5 million.

• Shortly after she sailed on April 10, 1912, Titanic nearly collided with the liner New York while departing the docks, sparking concern about the ship’s safety and maneuverability.

• The first-class lounge was designed after the palace at Versailles.

• Titanic received numerous messages from other ships regarding icebergs in the vicinity.

• Titanic had 16 watertight compartments to reduce its risk of sinking. The iceberg ruptured 5 of the 16, enough to pull the liner into the freezing waters.

• Women and children in first-class and second-class were given priority in the lifeboats.

• The first lifeboat to be lowered had a capacity of 65 yet carried only 28.

• Crewmen blocked exits from the third-class area to prevent men from accessing the deck.

• Of the lifeboats lowered before Titanic sank, only one returned to pick up more passengers.

• A mysterious ship was reportedly spotted not far from Titanic, which never responded to her distress signals and steamed off into the night.

And now for the featurette:

“Titanic 3D” sails in theaters come April 7, 2012 (Saturday) across Philippine cinemas.


  1. I really can't wait for the 3D of Titanic. A very touching and interesting story that never gets old.