Giveaway: Prometheus Premiere Tickets and an Exclusive Laptop Sleeve

"Prometheus" is looking to be one of this year's must-watch movies. With Ridley Scott at the helm, an all-star cast to smooth things out and an unofficial prequel to one of the greatest scifi franchises of all time, what's not to love? In "Prometheus", a star map is discovered in the late 21st century where the archaeological imagery of several otherwise unconnected cultures, including Magdalenian, Mesoamerican and Mesopotamian civilizations have the same basic features. The crew of the vessel Prometheus is sent on a scientific expedition, sponsored by the Weyland Corporation, to follow the map to find the origins of mankind. Exploring the advanced civilization of an extraterrestrial race, they soon face a threat to humanity's very existence.

“Prometheus” features an inspired cast ensemble: Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers, Michael Fassbender as David, Noomi Rapace as Shaw, Logan Marshall-Green as Charlie Holloway and Idris Elba as Janek . While the director, Ridley Scott, has directed huge hits like "Gladiator", "Blade Runner" and "Aliens".

To get you ready for "Prometheus", we’re giving away a pair of "Prometheus" premiere tickets and a "Prometheus" laptop sleeve (for 17" laptops) to one lucky reader.

To win those tickets and laptop sleeve, all you have to do is accomplish at least one of the following (or all of them if you want to maximize your chances):
  1. Write a blog post about "Prometheus" and our giveaway contest (5 raffle entries)

  2. Tweet about "Prometheus" and our giveaway contest with the exact phrase (3 raffle entries):

    Our search for our beginning might be our end. Win Prometheus tix and a premium item Join now: #Prometheus opens June 6

  3. Jump down to our comments section and tell us why you are excited about "Prometheus" (1 raffle entry)

For the first two options, send us an email at with a screenshot and direct link to your blog post/tweet. For Option 3, leave your email address with your comment.

This contest is open to all Metro Manila residents. The contest will close Friday, June 1st. The winner will be chosen at random, contacted and will be announced on June 2. "Prometheus" in 3D and IMAX 3D starting June 6, 2012.



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  3. Looks Cool.. Can't wait to watch this movie.. :D

  4. The trailer is cool! "Aliens" sci-fi type genre.

  5. The trailer speaks itself and its awesome! I love Alien movies and i think this movie would be great and worth watching. Can't wait to be at cinemas watching Prometheus!

  6. i am excited to watch prometheus because of three reasons.
    1. i love charlize theron
    2. i love ridley scott
    3. i love extraterrestrial race.

  7. charlize theron is enough reason for me... and yeah it seems a GREAT MOVIE!

  8. I am excited, it looks like a cool movie!

  9. Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender are the official reasons why I am dying to see this film.

  10. I'm excited to watch this movie because of Noomi Rapace. I find her really pretty and she has a good range of acting skills. :)

  11. Junnel MontelibanoMay 27, 2012 at 5:28 PM

    I'm very excited to watch Prometheus because as I watch the trailer I said "Here we go again another horror story" but as the trailer unfold, it seems like it's not the stereotype horror, it deals with the humanity's existence which is until now a mystery. I think it is a film that will make you to think critically and that what makes it a must-watch film. :)

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  12. This looks like a great film, would love to attend the premiere and be part of another great Ridley Scott release. There's no doubt it has to be awesome!

  13. i'd rather like to go so i can walk down the red carpet on my crutches. or rather, hobble.

    oh, and i'd rather like to see the film as well! i know nout about it, but that just means i'm in for a surprise!