Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Is Set to Rewrite History

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” tweaks history onscreen as America’s most iconic and beloved president Abraham Lincoln is portrayed as a vampire slaying powerful political figure of his time. Abraham Lincoln's (Benjamin Walker) journey in this alternate universe begins when his mother Nancy is stricken with a disease of unknown origin – but recognizable to young Abraham as a result of a vampire’s bite. Nancy was a woman of intelligence and heart, imparting on her son the notion that, “until everyone is free, we are all slaves”. Abraham never forgot those words which also came to define his views toward slavery. Nor would he ever forget the eternal evil responsible for his mother’s death - a vampire named Jack Barts (Marton Csokas), against whom Abraham swears revenge. Catch the red band trailer of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" after the break.

“Abraham Lincoln” Vampire Hunter” opens July 4 in the Philippines in both 3D and 2D format from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.
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