Prometheus: Movie Review

"Prometheus" has finally landed and one of most anticipated films this year is up-at-bat. So did it deliver? Honestly, the answer cannot be summed up with just a simple yes or no. "Prometheus" has all the essential elements to be one of the classics - a great premise, solid characters (and even well-acted at that), numerous twists and surprises and even superlative special effects. But along the way, "Prometheus" simply fails to capitalize on its foundation as it fails to make the film feel compelling or even interesting. Simply put, something just feels a little off with how "Prometheus" was executed.

It is 2089 and archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover a star map among the remnants of several otherwise unconnected ancient cultures. They believe this is an invitation from humanity's forerunners called "Engineers". Fast forward to 2093 and a group of experts in the field of science and technology including Shaw and Holloway have trekked to a moon named LV-223 via the ship Prometheus. LV-223 is the only object that can sustain life from the star map discovered five years ago. As they land on the moon, it is obvious that intelligent life has actually been their before and as the group descends to a tomb-like structure, they find out that the "Engineers" are all mysteriously gone or dead. Whatever they may discover may not be our beginning but may lead to humanity's end.

If there's one thing that completely stops "Prometheus" from being great is its hurried pace. Never had we felt so confused towards a film than this one. Yes, the cinematography, the special effects and production are one of the best yet (this is definitely one to watch in 3D if you ask us). The characters, initially, were compelling and even more so with the actors that portrayed them. The premise and story proves to be interesting and refreshing. And yet, this all goes to waste as for some reason, "Prometheus" never explains certain aspects or instances in the film. This is even worse considering this is a sci-fi film with a pretty deep mythos. For example, Elizabeth Shaw was impregnated and has an alien baby in her stomach. David decides that she needs to be put into stasis. She manages to escape from her shipmates and does a cesarean on her own for a very long time. It was weird that no one tries to find her around the ship and the next few scenes, everyone's acting normal around her. This is only one instance from a very long list that we noticed throughout the film. Characters reacted "off" and you just feel that not a lot of effort was put into cleaning up the script and the plot development. If length was an issue for the lack of consistency and cohesiveness then ironically, we feel that they should have made this longer.

In the end, it really was a missed and wasted opportunity. The film is good enough to warrant a watch but it could have been better, more memorable and more interesting than its current state.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- great acting and even greater special effects

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the film is not that memorable due to its hurried pace
- the film lacks action and suspense
- the open-ended ending may lead to a sequel but it adds to the feeling that this was a somewhat shallow film

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