The Dark Knight Rises: Movie Review

"The Dark Knight Rises" is the bleakest and darkest superhero film we have ever seen (probably only rivaled by its predecessors) and yet, those are the same things that make this final chapter in Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy a memorable one. Here we experience a Batman that is more human than ever before both weak and disturbed. Body versus soul, Fear of death versus having no fear at all, Being broken and rising against the impossible - what the film may lack in action it more than compensates with philosophical themes that add depth and impact to an already amazing story. "The Dark Knight Rises" exceeds expectations and is more than worthy a cap to a trilogy that has been a masterpiece since day one.

It has been 8 years since the death of Harvey Dent and at that same time, the Batman (Christian Bale) has gone into exile. Bruce Wayne, still reeling from the tragedy that happened, is now a recluse and has left Wayne Enterprises into shambles. One night, he finds Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) stealing his mother's pearls. Selina is feisty enough to complete the heist even though she was caught red-handed. After further investigation by Bruce, he finds out that Selina was not after the pearls but actually his fingerprints. With this, he discovers that a mercenary Bane (Tom Hardy) is the one behind Selina's peculiar crime and his plans might lead to the complete destruction of Gotham City. Bruce must now decide if he must don his cape once more but in return, he might be forced to give the ultimate sacrifice to save Gotham.

Although all seems perfect for "The Dark Knight Rises", it actually isn't. The film is bloated and even convoluted. Presenting character upon character during the start while never really explaining much. It actually felt like a guessing game at times on what's happening on-screen. But here's the thing, it's simply amazing how everything falls into place bit by bit. And here's a guarantee - whatever questions you may have or whatever little idiosyncrasies that may have put you off within the various scenes - all will be answered and connected in one way or another. It's mind-blowing how every minute detail fits in the overall arc of the film and even the whole trilogy and how Nolan pieces everything together effortlessly. Yes, the film just gets better every minute and the climactic twist and ending will totally shock anyone.

Running at almost 3 hours, it is also amazing how the film is totally engrossing. This is no thanks to a supporting cast that are both interesting and totally supplements the message and depth of the film and the Batman himself. Michael Caine is probably the best performer of the bunch with his dramatic portrayal of a hurting and grieving Alfred. Bane was a good enough villain to show Batman's physical and mental weaknesses. While the action sequences were far and few, when they do show up, they do it well. "The Dark Knight Rises" is the perfect film to cap off the latest take on the Batman. It shows everyone that making a superb superhero film is not about fight scenes, explosions or humongous villains. It is all about showing the human side of things. Things that take that superhero back down to a mere mortal level - a place where we can all relate to.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Nolan's signature style of being obsessed with details still amazes us
- while the film lacked the usual flair of superhero films, it over compensates this with story and depth

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the film started off slowly and even convoluted but all will fall into place and make sense by the time the credits roll

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