7 Great Movie Twists

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Every great movie contains at least one plot twist which lodges itself in the memory of many a moviegoer. In fact, the greatness of a film is often defined by a plot twist, and for people who visit the cinema on a weekly basis, while watching a film, they often wait for a twist to come up. Here are seven of the greatest film plot twists of all time (SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU’VE NOT SEEN ANY OF THESE FILMS BEFORE BUT HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO, LOOK AWAY NOW):

• Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) – one of the most memorable films in the sci-fi franchise, the twist here is that uber-villain Darth Vader is the father of both Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. That helped to define the series of films as one of the greatest of its generation.

• The Crying Game (1992) – the story of an unlikely friendship between Fergus, an IRA volunteer and Jody, a kidnapped British soldier, after a botched hostage-taking, Fergus escapes to London in search of Jody’s girlfriend, Dil. Adopting a pseudonym, Fergus starts seeing Dil, only for her to reveal that she’s actually a man.

• Planet of the Apes (1968) – this epic film, which sees three humans land on an Earth-like planet after crashing in a spaceship, reveals at the end that the planet is actually Earth itself, damaged after an atomic war.

• The Sixth Sense (1999) – another film with an amazing twist which has become part of film fans’ collective consciousness, the twist in this supernatural thriller is that young boy Cole, who claimed to “see dead people” and is sent to Crowe, a child psychologist. The twist in this film is that Crowe is actually dead.

• No Way Out (1987) –this inventive film saw Tom, a naval attaché at the Pentagon ordered to find the killer of an escort who he had been in relations with. The real killer, the Secretary of Defence, blamed a fake Russian mole known as “Yuri”, who was actually Tom.

• Psycho (1960)– the brilliant horror where an office worker is given money by her employer to lead a new life, she stays in a hotel ran by Norman Bates and his mother. The mother in the motel is actually Norman in drag.

• Fight Club (1999) – The Narrator, a lonely professional looking for some fulfilment, gets involved with Tyler Durden, a shady salesman through the world of underground fight clubs, which gradually becomes too much to handle. Durden and The Narrator turn out to be the same person.

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