Ever Wondered What the Best Seat in the House Is? Here' s a Guide!

One of the biggest frustrations for moviegoers is where they get to sit when watching that blockbuster hit. You have to be crazy not to admit that your seating position plays a crucial role in having an enjoyable experience - great movie or not. Its actually not a surprise that there's an exact science on getting the best seat. Thanks to the guys at Gizmodo for this short yet informative guide, all of us will have an easier time selecting our seats the next time around . Also included is a guide on where to sit when watching live theater or at your home. Bonus!

Additionally, thanks to technology, you can buy movie tickets almost anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. Some of these sites unfortunately only buy tickets but not actual seats. Most if not all require you to manually call-up to get your actual numbered seats reserved. Hopefully they update this limitation soon:
  1. Ticketnet Online (Araneta Cubao Cinemas)
  2. SM Cinemas
  3. Sureseats (for Ayala Cinemas)

What's your favorite reservation method when there's a blockbuster hit? Have you ever had bad seating and felt you wasted your hard-earned cash? Let us know by posting at our comments section. Happy viewing guys!

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