Ruby Sparks: Sneak Peek

“Ruby Sparks” is the story of a novelist’s vision who inexplicably comes to life. Calvin (Paul Dano) is a celebrated author who hasn’t had a follow up novel years after his first breakthrough novel. Struggling with writer’s block, Calvin is cut off and isolated is constantly being urged by his married brother Harry (Chris Messina) to get out, live, date and write. Finally finding in his imagination a muse for his novel and with his old typewriter, he creates the perfect girl he named Ruby. Barely done with his first chapter, Ruby (Zoe Kazan) has sprung to life and arrived in his kitchen where she is cooking eggs. Is he hallucinating or is the lovely Ruby Sparks the girl he has been waiting for? Whether real or imaginary Ruby helps Calvin rekindle his passion for writing and his passion for life. The film has received positive reviews with its limited release in the States and this one looks to be a quirky one to look out for. Catch the trailer of "Ruby Sparks" after the break.

Find out what will happen to “Ruby Sparks” when it opens September 19 in select theaters from 20th Century Fox (Fox Searchlight Pictures) to be distributed by Warner Bros
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