Pridyider: Movie Review

"Pridyider" is an out of whack effort that leads to nowhere. It seems that it has a fatal identity crisis and it just couldn't find the right formula to make the already thin plot work. Sadly, the only positive thing about this film is its visual effects and the cinematography - purely cosmetic stuff that does not matter if everything else is a mess. What's really sad is that with a little more ingenuity and effort, "Pridyider" could have been that B-movie remake of a segment in "Shake, Rattle and Roll" work. But it decided to literally play it safe and all we got is a stinking pile of who knows what.

Tina Benitez (Andi Eigenmann) comes home from abroad to the abandoned house of her "missing" parents. She was estranged from her parents when she was very young and left to the care of her Aunt. She soon discovers though the real story behind her parents disappearance - how her mother (Janice de Belen) became crazy and killed anyone who got involved with her father (Joel Torre) and how her father has gone missing and presumed murdered by her mother. Soon after finding the truth do strange things happen with the old refrigerator at the kitchen.

We all know B-movies right? Usually they are tagged as being so bad that they turn out to be good. "Pridyider", we hoped, could have gone with this mindset. It's basic plot is already B-movie material with a killer refrigerator on the loose. But unfortunately, the final product is very far from it. What we get is a horror film filled with the usual elements we have all grown tired off and probably worse. Some might argue that the visual effects and the cinematography are top-notch (the colors and characters are crisp and even the monster elements look photo realistic enough) and we agree, on that department, "Pridyider" excels. But who cares about visuals when everything else is rehash trash? The biggest gripe we have on "Pridyider" though is the way it unfolded the story. It was slow, cumbersome and filled with so much unnecessary stuff to the point that it was holding back our attention. Is it important that we get to know James' father? Were the characters of the attorney or Baron Geisler that important that they needed significant screen time? It was as if they wanted to introduce characters just so they could add more repetitive material on how the refrigerator kills people. And don't even get us started on how stupid character decisions are. In the end, "Pridyider" feels like it added the usual love story and insignificant subplots into the mix to make a more compelling experience but actually ends up doing the complete opposite.

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- the CGI and cinematography are excellent

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the plot development is totally out-of-whack
- this is a horror film filled with the usual stuff that actually makes things worse, not better
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