Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako: Movie Review

Expecting something different and new from "Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako" is being unfair to its creators, actors and staff. Why should we in the first place? Every single year, there's an Agimat and Enteng Kabisote film from who knows when already? It's the same old trudge of scenarios, characters and mid-movie commercials that the majority of the public manages to love or most likely endure. This film, while stating the obvious, is the epitome of a money grab film. When will the Metro Manila Film Fest shenanigans end?

Agimat (Bong Revilla Jr.) has proposed marriage to his partner Samara (Sam Pinto). The two decide that they must invite Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto) and Faye (Gwen Zamora) to their wedding at Amuleto. Agimat soon reveals that he and Samara has decided that they intend to stay in the human world. As Agimat and Samara try to fit in a world they have yet to really grasp, they also meet Ako (Judy Ann Santos) who is an environmentalist. Ako, who has secret powers, also likes Agimat and Enteng. As an alien ship arrives and threatens humanity, the three must join forces to save everyone from doom.

Although we could easily bash "Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako" we won't. Because even with all its mistakes redux, there are actually good things to consider but not much. First is the charm of Vic Sotto and his crew (special mention on Ruby, Wally and Jose). Much as we hated this film, they also brought in some smiles and laughter to ease our mood. Second is the production design. The set pieces (especially the Agimat ones) are big and epic in scale and the figh scenes actually entertaining. As for the visual effects, most good enough for a local film but some needed more polish.

Unfortunately, those are the only things we liked about this movie. Everything else feels like garbage. The plot, while useless at best, takes the backseat from all the prolific advertisements mid-movie. There's nothing wrong with product placements in movies but this film takes the cake with blatancy. Whole scenes are created for product placements. Heck, even dialogue contains product lines and slogans. This probably indirectly shows how much love and respect the makers have for the audience - none. But even without this folly, the film is lacking. You never feel key issues being developed or resolved and you never feel that the alien threat is as dangerous as they want you to believe. For example, Agimat has issues living in our world like rent and earning money. Eventually, Enteng decides to give everything for free to Agimat. Agimat never learns anything so why introduce it in the first place? So we can have a useless cooking scene in another sponsored restaurant? This kind of films, while entertaining for some, need to stop.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- old school comedy by Vic Sotto still tickles our bone
- some special effects and props were actually good
Why you shouldn't watch it:
- scene video quality inconsistencies are abundant
- anyone can pen its boring and lifeless plot
- adverts are blatantly inserted as whole scenes or integrated into the dialogue

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