The Impossible: Movie Review

"The Impossible" is one tough film to watch not because it is bad but because it is one of the most realistic films we have seen in awhile. Every gripping scene, every wound, every emotion that comes out feels so real and genuine that we just couldn't imagine what this could do to the actual victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. This is unlike any other disaster movie we have and you will ever experience. Put simply, "The Impossible" is one heartfelt, emotion-filled film and one that wrenches every human emotion you have.

Maria Bennett (Naomi Watts), her husband Henry (Ewan McGregor) and their three sons Lucas (Tom Holland), Tomas (Samuel Joslin) and Simon (Oaklee Pendergast) are on holiday over Christmas at a tropical paradise resort in Khao Lak, Thailand. However, on December 26, 2004, an enormous tsunami hits the island paradise and destroys the coastal zone - including their hotel. The family is swept up in the flood as Maria and Lucas are separated from Henry, Tomas and Simon. Both groups start a journey of survival, hope and reunion against all odds.

Some may say that "The Impossible" threads on old ground and one that has been countlessly taken up through the years. True but what "The Impossible" does is take this common theme and present it in an uber-realistic manner. This is probably the rare few times where the moniker "Based on a true story" holds weight. It does help that the presentation and the visual effects were astonishing to say the least. From the destructive power of the tsunami and being in one, took our breath away and one that has to be seen first hand. The outstanding acting from the leads especially Naomi Watts round out a package that is simply perfect. Ultimately, what draws you in is the raw human experience "The Impossible" undeniably has and puts forth to the viewer. It is one we do not want to experience ever in our lives and yet, one that we can universally relate to. This is this film's magic and the reason why "The Impossible" is one remarkable movie.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- production, presentation and visual effects brings forth a raw experience of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami to the big screen
- acting by the leads were simply astonishing

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- some may find the theme of surviving all odds done too many times in the past

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