Oscars 2013 Apps for Android and iOS

The 2013 Oscars, the biggest event in showbiz and Hollywood, is only a few hours away. The event will be hosted by Peter Griffin himself or the teddy bear Ted for movie afficionados (Seth MacFarlane). Unfortunately, not everyone will be at home to watch the Oscars (especially those of us at the other side of the globe). Fret not because here are some Oscars apps that might bring you into the biggest event of the year.

For those in the United States, ABC, the official media partner of the Oscars, has made an app that will complement their live broadcast. The app touts to give news, trailers, photos and more before the event. During the event itself, users can watch their favorite stars walk the red carpet, get an exclusive backstage pass of the winners and select upon a dozen backstage and red carpet live streams. A caveat though is that the app is restricted to U.S. internet connections/residents. Grab the app here for FREE from both the Google Play Store and iTunes.

For non-U.S. residents, you can also get into the mix with various apps. The best we found are Oscars 2013 News for Android and Awards Hero for iOS. Although not as extensive as the offical Oscars app, both should do for your on-the-go updates.

Photo: Google Play Store

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