There's a "Kamasutra 3D" Film Being Made - Trailer Definitely Not Safe for Work

Yes, you read that right - there's a kamasutra film being made and it's going to be in 3D. The film, aptly-named "Kamasutra 3D" comes from director Rupesh Paul and will star Sherlyn Chopra. The leading lady, known in India as the first-ever Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy, is obviously going to be its main selling point. Perverts step aside though as the film promises to be a serious epic based on the classic sex guide.

According to the official synopsis, and we quote, “a young and beautiful Indian princess (Sherlyn Chopra), who sets out on a voyage in search of her husband whom she got married to as a child. Amidst the extravaganzas of the most luxurious ship in the world, she goes through the most personal and transformative changes of body, mind and soul. An enigmatic fellow passenger — the god of good looks and the 'Kamasutra' master- introduces her to the forbidden world of sexual love and sensuality.” Apparently, Rupesh Paul is already dreaming of a sequel that he wishes will star a Hollywood actress and the film will be "4D" a third film will be in "5D" (we are definitely not kidding about the sequels' special formatting). How would that even work right? Anyway, you can catch the trailer after the break but we do warn you, it has nudity and obviously will get any kid or any office worker in trouble.

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