It Takes a Man and a Woman: Movie Review

It seems improbable but we find ourselves with a trilogy. One that most would not have expected when the first movie came out five years ago. But the unlikely tandem of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo have brought much surprise and with the third installment has brought more. "It Takes a Man and a Woman" (even with its unfortunate title) continues the great streak and tradition the first two have set and caps the trilogy with one great swoop. Although we don't consider this to be the best of the bunch, it does enough to be a memorable one at that.

Two years have passed since the events of the second film. Much has changed during that time. So much so in fact that Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Laida (Sarah Geronimo) have parted ways. Miggy is now with a new girl, Belle (Isabelle Daza), and has seen his own career and family's fortune floundering since his dad's death and his untimely and tragic breakup with Laida. Laida on the other hand is in New York finding her own success not only in terms of her career but her being an independent woman as well. As Miggy and his siblings are confronted with their stakeholders' decision to sell their dad's company if things don't turn around soon, they decide to give their magazine business a push by getting exclusive rights to a major U.S. publisher. Surprisingly, Laida is seeked out to help Miggy get the deal - a thing that sounds easier than it is given their rocky history.

"It Takes a Man and a Woman", in our opinion, brings more maturity and more reality into the well-loved series. There's just something about Laida being more fiercer that works for us and the long distance relationship aspect is not something we expected.

Unfortunately, all the old problems we hated also came back. Specifically the overtly-scripted events and an inkling for dragging/unnecessary parts. For example, the character of Belle, played by Isabelle Daza, feels worthless. Yes, she's the new love interest of Miggy but never do we feel that he takes her seriously. Her character could have brought more dimension and emotion into the mix but she turns out to be comedic filler material only. Another thing we couldn't move on from is the silly premise that Miggy's company will be saved by one magazine deal alone and Laida being the savior they need to seal the deal (much as Miggy's character mentioned in one of the scenes) just because she "has connections". The writers could have penned-up a better scenario on how the two star-crossed lovers eventually meet-up.

Fortunately, these mistakes become rather mute and forgivable as the film finds its groove. First, it still is funny. Sarah Geronimo balances her performance this time around and John Lloyd is still one heck of an actor. If we could pick one memorable scene it would be the second to the last scene in the airport. It's one for the books in our opinion and we would have preferred if they ended it right then and there. Overall, "It Takes a Man and a Woman" turns out to be better than your average local romance comedy film once again and although it may not be the best, it still is one heck of a treat.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the unlikely tandem of John Lloyd and Sarah still surprises
- the final airport scene was outstanding

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- same old imperfections from the previous films still pop-up



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