3D Tech Movies Into Online Casinos

A decade ago 3D movies were rare, but these days it seems as though every second movie being produced is being made in 3D. Whilst there isn’t as much hype as there was in the beginning, it’s clear to see how 3D technology has influenced other industries. Up until recently it was the big budget movie studios who were the major players in 3D tech, but now there are many unrelated industries whom have jumped on the bandwagon as they’ve seen the possibilities this exciting technology holds for them.

The first thing that comes to mind for most people when you mention 3D is James Cameron’s award winning movie Avatar. This movie set the bar extremely high and is most often the standard that other 3D films are measured by, however it is important to remember that technology is developing and progressing all the time and what we view to be ground-breaking at this present moment might, years down the line, appear archaic and dull. An exciting thought to consider.

One of the sectors which has been strongly influenced by 3D tech is the online gaming industry. With many people already owning 3D televisions it is no wonder that they expect more from these gaming suppliers. It’s simply a case of keep up or get left behind. Soon most online casinos will offer 3D slots and when logging on to a site like Jack Gold Casino you will be presented with numerous 3D slots options. The downside at the moment is that one has to use those bulky 3D glasses, but soon that will be a thing of the past.

Researchers at Hewlett Packard (HP) Laboratories in Palo Alto, California, have announced that they have made an incredible breakthrough that very well may change the way we view digital images forever. This 3D technology doesn’t require the viewer to wear special glasses and the plus side is that it can be viewed from various angles without distortion.

We are on the precipice of change and soon 3D will be the norm and 2D a thing of the past. So fire up your imagination, as it’s possible that the things you dream of today will become reality in the not so distant future.

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