The Heat: Movie Review

"The Heat" is priceless gold when it comes to its comedic chops. If Melissa McCarthy surprised the world with her undeniable talent in 2011's "Bridesmaids", then "The Heat" is the film that solidifies her as one of the best at the moment. Honestly, we couldn't stop laughing once she showed up on the big screen with her endless quips and one-liners also rioting up the viewers that were with us. "The Hear" is the best comedy we have seen this year, bar none.

Shannon Mullins (Sandra Bullock) is a by-the-book FBI agent. When her boss decides to leave the FBI New York Headquarters, Shannon believes that she is the best candidate for the job. Unfortunately, her boss thinks that she is not up for the job. Her boss gives her final mission to prove herself worthy of the promotion. The mission deals with several mysterious and gruesome murders in Boston that, the FBI believe, are related to a drug lord. Once in Boston, Shannon is forced to team up with Sarah Ashburn (Melissa McCarthy), a bad-ass cop who is the complete opposite of her. Obviously, the two don't go well together with Shannon believing that Sarah is acting out of her jurisdiction and Sarah thinking Shannon is treading on her home turf. They’ll soon discover they have more in common than they ever thought possible, including their misfit status and complementary skill sets that may just help them solve the case.

"The Heat" is extremely damn funny - the funniest film we have seen all year long. When we say we didn't stop laughing from start to finish, we really mean it. The film is able to deliver scene after scene, punchline after punchline in an undeniable perfect way. Now, Melissa McCarthy takes the big chunk this success. Her usual quirky, raunchy humor is there and it works but her character's bad-ass persona amplified her humor to heights we couldn't even imagine possible. Fortunately, Sandra Bullock also had a great performance. Not as memorable as Melissa but she had her moments and the tandem made a great pairing in this film. The only thing we didn't like about "The Heat" is that the premise and the eventual story are not the most original and that some plot points are half-baked. For example, the film hints on a love interest for Shannon but this never develops into anything. Although the plot may not be the best, this film still takes the cake where it matters most. "The Heat" is one fun, entertaining, laugh out loud film and even a decent action flick at that. What's not to love?

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- Melissa McCarthy!
- Sandra Bullock may take a back seat but she this doesn't mean she didn't have a great performance

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- not the most original premise and plot
- some plot points seemed half-baked or completely forgotten

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