Robinsons Movieworld Leads the Local Launch of "Be The Wolverine Kinect Experience"

We are pretty sure that everyone has always wanted to be a superhero and one of our perennial favorites is Wolverine. Who wouldn't want those sick adamantium claws, indestructibility and that oh-so-menacing attitude? Well, no thanks to the big wigs at 20th Century Fox and Robinsons Movieworld plus their partners Pepsi and Magic 89.9, kids and those kids at heart will get to experience being the Wolverine himself with the awesome molding of technology and gaming with "Be THE WOLVERINE Kinect Experience". We also got invited to the special launch that happened this afternoon. Accompanying description, photos and video of the actual Kinect experience after the break.

Cool Box!

The special Philippine launch of the "Be THE WOLVERINE Kinect Experience" was held at the cinema lobby of Robinsons Galleria. The event, of course, focused on the Kinect game specially crafted for "The Wolverine" film and won't be available anywhere else.

The game first detects the player (a few seconds or so) and features you as the Wolverine as he battles a villain on top of the Shinkansen or more commonly known as the bullet train. You must avoid getting hit by obstacles, weapons and objects thrown at you by swinging your arms as you try to string hit combos and get the highest score by the end of the almost-minute run. A picture of you will be taken and you can upload it directly to the Facebook page of the "The Wolverine" for extra bragging rights.
Our Extremely Talented Winners. Can anyone spot Wolverine? 

The event was hosted by a DJ care of Magic 89.9 and five lucky winners with the highest scores got "The Wolverine" movie posters as prizes (unfortunately, we didn't win). Luckily, awesome food was served by the folks at Yoshinoya and Miso-Ten as a consolation prize. An actual Wolverine and Silver Samurai in costume rounded out the event.

The exclusive "Be THE WOLVERINE Kinect Experience" will be touring in five (5) prime Robinsons Movieworld branches across the Metro starting this week. As an added bonus, the whole thing is for FREE! The schedule is as follows:

  1. Robinsons Metro East - July 19 to 21
  2. Robinsons Forum - July 22 to 24
  3. Robinsons Galleria - July 25 to 27
  4. Robinsons Magnolia - July 28 to 30
  5. Robinsons Manila - July 31 to August 2

Additionally, moviegoers who will watch "The Wolverine" (and buy any 16oz Pepsi drink from the cinema Snack Express) in the said Robinsons Movieworld branches will also get a chance to win one (1) of five (5) Xbox 360 4GB Kinect consoles.

"The Wolverine" opens in local cinemas starting July 25 to be distributed by 20th Century Fox.
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