Google Chromecast: Online Streaming to TV for Cheap

Google, around 2 weeks ago, unveiled its latest wonder product with Google Chromecast. The Chromecast, in its most basic form, will stream online content straight to your HDMI supported television or screen. But the kicker for Chromecast is its size. Not much bigger than a USB thumb drive, all you need to do is to plug it to an HDMI port, insert the power cable, connect it to a wifi network and have a smart phone, tablet or laptop ready to control it (and yes, even though this is a product made by archrival Google, Apple’s iPhone and iPad are both supported). And the most amazing thing about the Chromecast is its price. All of those functionalities are available for the extremely low price of $35 (or approximately PHP1,505) - heck, even CD-R King would have a hard time topping that price. The only caveat for now is that online streaming is limited to Netflix, YouTube Google Play Music and Google Play Movies. Blip, Hulu, Vevo and Devour have also committed future support for the device. Hopefully other streaming services such as Lovefilm or HBO Go join the fray soon as well.

If you are wondering, this isn’t Google’s first salvo on a home streaming device. Last year brought the cube-esque Nexus Q. The American-made device, even though stunningly designed, sold poorly due to its hefty introductory price. The Chromecast on the other hand is flying off the shelves to the point that Google has decided to pull its Netflix promotion due to extremely high demand. Unfortunately, this also means for those late to the game that Google Chromecast is currently out of stock in most places in the United States. Worse, it has also been rumored that it might take up to three months for those who are ordering just now. The easiest way to get a Google Chromecast is through online auction sites like eBay or locally. But be ready to cough up cash that’s more than double the retail price for those desperate enough.

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