The Internship: Movie Review

What you get from "The Internship" is everything Google is not known for. If you expected something fresh, new and mind-blowing then this film is definitely out of your league. What we get is something safe, something we have seen and experience time and time again right down to the awkward love story mixed in the middle. While, yes we have to admit, "The Internship" still brought out a few laughs and smiles on our faces (thanks to the more than usual pairing of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson), we did how ever feel that the admission price is not worth this comedic rehash.

Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn) are two old-school salesmen in their 40s who use old fashioned charm and sales techniques to sell watches. On the night that they try to close a big sale with a client, they find that their company has been shut down because kids don’t wear watches anymore. Suddenly, they find themselves unemployed as two dinosaurs in the digital world. After an exhaustive job search online, Billy chanced upon an opportunity for them to reinvent themselves – an internship program with Google. At Google, where it’s worlds away from anything they have experienced before, they find themselves in a sea of tech-savvy 20-year-olds who they need to compete against to win a full-time employment at Google. They eventually team up with a sexually curious nerd, a mobile phone obsessed geek, a genius Asian kid who lacks social and common life skills and Lyle who is an underdog who wants to fit in. Going through training and competing with kids half their age, they are hell-bent to prove that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

Honestly, "The Internship" was enjoyable. Enjoyable if you want a light movie and enjoyable if you don't want to ponder much. The film is funny at times and seeing the Google campus at work is something else (although some may argue that this is a blatant advertisement by one of the biggest companies in the world). The pairing of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, admittedly, is getting old through the years but we would be lying if they weren't effective in "The Internship". What really ticked us off is the story. One that's doesn't have an inkling of creativity and freshness in it and one that's extremely predictable at that. If only the creators and writers of "The Internship" had some "Googliness" in them then we could recommend "The Internship" easily. But at its final state, this film is an easy pass.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- funny at times and extremely light

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- predictable story
- some may hate that this seems like a corporate video for Google Inc.

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