Evidence: Movie Review

"Evidence" is an extremely frustrating experience. On one end, it has much potential. This is a found footage film no doubt but they way it presents it is rather different as the film intersperses from found footage to the detectives trying to work through the evidence. This adds a new component and a refreshing one at that to take a break from the sometimes tiring lower-grade shaky cam footage. Unfortunately, whatever good premise "Evidence" had is thrown away with an idiotic ending. The film tries it best to be smart about things (trying to have a shocking twist much like the first "Saw") but utterly fails to make it believable. It feels as though "Evidence" cheated and baited you the whole time putting to waste the 90 or so minutes you put into it.

When a grizzly murder scene of mostly charred human remains is found on an abandoned truck stop in Kidwell, Nevada, Detective Alex Burquez (Radha Mitchell) and Detective Daniel Reese (Stephen Moyer) attempt to piece together what actually happened. The only concerete evidence they have are a number of recording devices found at the crime scene. The footage shows a group of passengers on a trip to Las Vegas when their bus suddenly crashes in the middle of the desert and they find themselves in deep trouble when a masked killer suddenly and violently kills them one by one.

"Evidence" turns out to be surprisingly interesting for the most part. The whodunit formula at times will just suck you in guessing who the killer is. But the forced twist at the end will definitely leave a bad taste in the mouth. Let's just say that you won't see it coming because it was simply put out there at the last moment. It wasn't clean to say the least, it leaves huge question marks to what you saw the whole time and the element of "editing the footage" is just a serious cop out to answer any loopholes that you may encounter. Acting-wise, the film was okay. Radha Mitchell was the best but honestly, she wasn't even that good. The others seem to struggle to get into character. You see, "Evidence" tries to mold two genres into one but never does make it into one cohesive whole. The potential was there but the massive problems with a mostly unknown cast and a half-assed plot turn this into a very generic watch.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- whodunit formula works most of the time until the twist ending

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the twist at the end was idiotic and destroyed the whole film
- the acting leaves much to be desired

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