No One Lives: Movie Review

Some times, having an extremely short running time makes a film more enjoyable - palatable at least. "No One Lives" is one prime example. This film is one of the bloodiest, goriest we have seen for a very long time. But even with all the guts (and the usual glory that comes with it), there's nothing much to write home about "No One Lives". The premise is the whole movie itself and the acting is extremely forgettable. If you want something for quick fun, the 72-minute brainless proposition of "No One Lives" will satisfy.

While travelling, a young couple, an unnamed Driver (Luke Evans) and Betty (Laura Ramsey), encounter a ruthless criminal gang. At first, the gang leaves them be but one of the members, Flynn (Derek Magyar) hits their car and takes the young couple hostage in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Soon though, the gang finds out that Driver is not a regular person when they find an abducted person hidden inside his car. The girl is Emma who is the only heir to a multi-million dollar fortune and has been missing for months already. Emma (Adelaide Clemens) warns the gang that they are in deep trouble as they will be soon outsmarted by an urbane and seasoned killer determined to ensure that no one lives.

We won't deny it, on some level, "No One Lives" is enjoyable - you just have to set your expectations low. Anything higher, well, you get our point. What "No One Lives" gets right though propels this to become watchable and even entertaining for some. What we are talking about is the intense killing and gore that the film has. Beyond that though, things look bleak. As expected, like most films from this genre, the acting is bad. In this film's case, it is extremely terrible. Luke Evans is the only shining beacon against everyone else. Adelaide Clemens is the worst of the bunch with her monotonous performance and considering she's the second lead. The story was also non-existent. Never do we find out why Driver is with another girl (who seems to know that he is a psychotic murderer and yes even about how he has abducted Emma and does nothing about it). The film also never explains how Driver came to be and what was his motive. What we get from the start are the same things we get in the end. No plot or story is developed and its damn frustrating if you ask us. In the end, "No One Lives" has potential especially with its brutal psychotic lead but the film never gets around to expound on anything.

Rating: 2 and half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the short running time actually works for "No One Lives"
- brainless killing fun

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- extremely nauseating acting
- no story whatsoever

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