Korea's 'Horror Stories 2' Soon in Local Cinemas

Stories of the dead will come to life this November in the Korean horror thriller "Horror Stories 2". Following the success of the first movie, "Horror Stories 2" connects three different stories of wandering souls seeking for justice through Se-young - an employee in an insurance company who can communicate with dead people.

"Horror Stories 2" starts with Se-young, considered to be an outcast, is tested by her manager of her ability to connect with the dead. They start from their office's storage room and picks three doubtful cases of insurance claims for further investigation. From these files entitled "Cliff", "Accident" and "Escape", Se-young discovers the truth behind the mysterious deaths of those involved. As she reveals each truth to her boss, Se-young feels that something evil is working its way among them.

"Horror Stories 2" will open soon sometime this November in theaters from newcomers, Axinite Digicinema, Inc.

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