'Son of God' Will Rise in 2014

The “Son of God” will rise in cinemas next year. The film, if you haven't deduced it yet, is based on the bestselling book of all time, the Bible, and tells the life story of Jesus. Inspired by History Channel’s phenomenal miniseries “The Bible” which averaged 15 million viewers per episode, “Son of God” is the larger-than-life stand-alone story of Jesus told with scope and scale of an action epic from the producing couple Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. “Son of God” is a powerful and inspirational major motion picture event that takes us back to the oppressive Roman era when Jesus is born to Mary and Joseph until his crucifixion and resurrection.

The movie introduces Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado who portrays the role of Jesus with Roma Downey as Mary, Darwin Shaw as Peter, Amber Rose Revah as Mary Magdalene, Greg Hicks as Pontius Pilate and Sebastian Knapp as John. “Son of God” is directed by Christopher Spencer and a rich orchestral score from Oscar®-winner Hans Zimmer. Additionally, the producers and filmmakers have successfully brought together leaders across all denominations, creating an experience that is endearingly common to all making it relevant to today’s audiences.

Pastor Rick Warren says, "I’ve seen most of the films about Jesus produced in the past 50 years. “Son of God” stands alone, in a class by itself. It is a powerful and poignant movie, the best Jesus movie I have ever seen. I am thrilled that Twentieth Century Fox is distributing this film and I know it will be a blessing to millions when it opens all across America on February 2014."

Rev. Sam Rodriguez, President of the Hispanics Evangelical Alliance says, "Son of God” fills the big screen with two catalytic elements: the passion of the cross and the purpose of the empty tomb, forgiveness and eternal life. It is not just a production worth watching it is a gift worth experiencing."

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington DC, says, "I would recommend to individuals, and particularly to families, this wonderful story of the Son of God in order to be inspired all over again with the story of God’s love for us. It is a joy to watch this film bring alive the pages of the Gospel to help us see what those who lived at the time of Jesus experienced."

“Son of God” will open nationwide in the Philippines on February 26, 2014 from 20th Century Fox.

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