Don't Cry Mommy: Movie Review

"Don't Cry Mommy" is one heavy experience. The film's stark take on the downward spiral of the mother and daughter tale is not an easy one to take and digest. If you are expecting happy endings or silver linings then "Don't Cry Mommy" will shock you. It relishes on the idea that this is motivated by real events and the eventual sad turn out makes this grounded as a film with a vision and morale to tell. Although the gruesome ending may have taken the worst case scenario a bit too far for our taste.

Enrolled in a new school after her parents’ divorce, the 17 year old Eun-ah's (Nam Bo-ra) first experience in teenage romance turns into a nightmare as she becomes the victim of a gang-rape. At first, Eub-ah's mother Yoo-lim (Yoo Sun) believes that crime and punishment goes hand in hand. But unfortunately, the twisted juvenile law protects minors and the perpetrators are eventually let go by the courts. When Eun-ah finds herself sexually harassed again, she decides to take her own life. After the authorities fail to imprison the perpetrators again, Yoo-lim takes matters into her own hands even if it means breaking the law.

It would be a huge understatement if we say that what drives "Don't Cry Mommy" is the superb acting from its two leads Yoo Sun and Nam Bo-ra. The pairing of mother and daughter is completely felt from the two and Nam Bo-ra in particular is outstanding when it came to show a struggling victim of juvenile rape. Much can be said from the supporting vast. Some did well while.some, in particular Shin Dong Ho, came out dull and lifeless. The story in itself was okay. It was believable on some extent but it was also cluttered with unnecessary exras. Some characters and relationships are introduced then completely forgotten. Lastly, the ending could have been perfect without the last 10 minutes or so. What could have been a poignant end for a struggling mom felt off-putting and jarring. The film forces reveal elements, one that implies who the true mastermind is and one about a witness, that we felt were completely unnecessary. Overall though, "Don't Cry Mommy" surprised us with its deep and emotion-filled experience and one we can easily recommend

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- extremely emotional and well-acted

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story is cluttered with unnecessary side stories

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