Korea's 'Don't Cry Mommy' To Be Shown Locally Starting November 13

Korea’s controversial drama thriller, “Don’t Cry Mommy” unleashes a mother’s fury who seeks revenge for her daughter’s tragic death. Starring Yoo Sun as the mother Yoo-lim, whose only reason to live is her daughter. Nam Bo-ra takes on the role of her daughter Eun-ah, a teenage girl whose tragic experience with young love triggers her suicide. Enrolled in a new school after her parents’ divorce, Eun-ah’s first experience in teenage romance turns into a nightmare as she becomes the victim of a gang-rape that triggers her to take her own life. After the authorities fail to imprison the perpetrators of the rape, Yoo-lim takes matters into her own hands even if it means breaking the law.

Directed by Kim Yong-Han from a screenplay by Lee Sang-Hyeon, the movie is based on various true accounts and tackles the hidden problems in the South Korean nation. The movie also stars U-Kiss’ pop icon Dong-Ho as Jo-han who preyed on the innocence of Eun-ha along with his friends Pak Joon (Kwan Hyun-Sang) and Min-gu (Lee Sang-Min). Additionally, Nam Bo-ra was nominated for the Best New Category in the 2013 Baeksang Awards for her portrayal of Eun-ah.

“Don’t Cry Mommy” opens November 13 in local cinemas from Axinite Digicinema, Inc.

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