Gambling movies seem to have a hard time making its mark in its various big screen adaptations. Poker in particular has been a niche that became very popular a decade ago but it seems that Hollywood never bucked that trend. Although this is the case, there have been some notable exceptions from this rule. Here’s some on our top list:

2006’s Casino Royale started the Daniel Craig era when it comes to Bond films. Although some may consider this film as having a mild representation of high stakes poker, the film in fact had dedicated scenes about the game. Casino Royale is an all-around film with some poker play plus heavy spy action to make even non-poker fans happy.

If you want something more historical in nature, then High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story should be the poker film to look out for. This biopic chronicles the life of 80s poker champion Stu Ungar. While not perfect, it does have its merit as it shows the rise and fall and even perils of gambling.

While not as serious as other films on this list, the Western comedy Maverick starring Mel Gibson is one that proves that good poker films need not be too serious. The film has that fantastical and unrealistic tone to its poker play that may put hardcore fans off.

The Cincinnati Kid is the oldest film on this list but it is definitely no slouch. The Depression era film has Steve McQueen, a stellar cast, babes and poker. What’s not to love?

The best movie that seems to top everyone’s list is John Dahl’s Rounders. The film has a solid cast with the likes of Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich. A film about underground poker, the film became a cult hit with Poker’s rise in popularity. The film is credited to be the best as it was able to capture the feel and tension of actual poker play.

Now that you have seen a sampling of what we think are definitive poker films, what’s yours? Let us know in the comments section. And if ever you get that poker itch, at our day and age, you don’t even have to go to the casino as sites like 888poker site make sure that you can play with real money at home. Good luck and hope you win big!

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