The Lego Movie: Movie Review

Do you remember playing with toys when you were a kid and most importantly, how much fun you had creating stories out of inanimate objects for your playtime? "The Lego Movie" is exactly like that and a whole lot more. Not only does it tickle the fantasy of the younger audience and the young ones at heart but it also brings a funny and heartfelt experience for a wide array of audiences to enjoy. We can honestly say that this is one animated film that clearly stands out from a very crowded genre. And yes, everything is definitely awesome here.

In the Lego universe, an ordinary Lego figure named Emmet (Chris Pratt) is mistakenly tagged as the Special - a prophecized Master Builder who will not only find the "Pièce de Résistance" and be the most important person in the world but will ultimately stop the end of the Lego universe itself. Unfortunately, Emmet isn't anywhere near being a Master Builder as his whole life turns out to be just plain ordinary. But with the help of Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Batman (Will Arnett) and a merry band of other master builders, Emmet might find that the power to be the Special is truly within him.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller has done something extraordinary with "The Lego Movie". It would be easy to think that this film is just a major cash cow and nothing more - one that plays with a product so ingrained in toy lore that serving anything would still make loads of money for the bigwigs. But no, "The Lego Movie" is far from that. In fact, its easily tops out as one of the best animated films we have seen. What works is the sum of its parts. Those parts bring the perfect balance of nostalgia, comedy and story into the fold. The story itself is mind-bogglingly deep as it is simple and imaginative as child's play. And for us, this is what really makes the film extra special. The ending itself came out of nowhere but we do feel that, while it was not executed as smoothly as we wanted, it was still a surprise and one that closes the film in a very good and morally good note. On the voice-acting side, it was simply superlative with Will Ferrell leading the pack and everyone else injecting hilarious humor in almost every instance. On the animation side, it was amazing and this is what we imagined how a Lego universe would look, feel and move. Overall, we could easily say that "The Lego Movie" is simply perfect. It is as perfect as a family film as it is for an all adult watch and it's this perfect balance that truly makes this film special.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the story was the film's strongest point
- extremnely funny and entertaining from start to finish

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- you should go and watch this film, seriously

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