Manila Joins 'Star Wars Day' on May 4

The Philippines will join Star Wars fans all over the world (and galaxies far, far away) in celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4, 2014. Everyone is encouraged to greet anyone, `May the 4th Be With You’ or don their favorite Star Wars costume, speak Yoda-ese, watch a Star Wars movie, hum John Williams’ unmistakable score or wield their lightsabers, with matching voice-generated sound effects.

But for those who want more officially-organized events, they can troop down to Resorts World Manila in Pasay on May 3 and 4 where the Philippine Outpost of 501st Legion (an international organization of Star Wars fans who wear the costumes of the villains) has lined-up interactive festivities for the public and fans alike.

Starting at 4PM on May 3, members of the 501st Legion will hold a costume parade inside the mall, to be followed by public picture-taking opportunities – here’s your chance to have your photos taken with Darth Vader, the Stormtroopers and other Star Wars baddies. There will also be contests such as “Bring-Me Star Wars Items” game, a costume contest for kids and a trivia quiz for teens and adults. A display of Star Wars collectibles from Sideshow and Hottoys will likewise run from May 1 to 15.

So why is May the 4th Called Star Wars Day? It's easy to deduce that its because of the obvious pun of "May the Force be with you" when saying “May the 4th Be With You” out loud. But it has a deeper history and a peculiar one at that and no thanks to Margaret Thatcher herself. May 4 is also the day she won and became Britain’s first woman prime minister. To celebrate, her party took a half page of advertising space in the London Evening News. This message, referring to the day of victory, was “May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations". Eventually, Star Wars fans caught up with this and May the 4th soon became a grassroots tradition each year, with fans proclaiming it “Star Wars Day.” While the idea of May the 4th did not start with Lucasfilm, the film company that created Star Wars has fully embraced the spirit of fandom that makes the day so special. The official blog at as well as the official Star Wars social media channels on Twitter (@starwars #StarWarsDay) and Facebook ( help spread the word and showcase fan activity. More and more official partners have offered sales, giveaways and exclusives, and have hosted parties and other activities to mark the day.

May the 4th kicks off a season of celebration, particularly since the month of May has always been important to Star Wars fans. The six live-action movies of the Star Wars saga debuted in May (starting with the original Star Wars on May 25th, 1977) and this year, principal photography on Star Wars: Episode VII will commence in May. The month also includes George Lucas’s birthday (May 14, 1944).

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