How 'The Maze Runner' World was Created

It will take wit, agility, speed and strength to survive a labyrinth of dangerous walls with predators ready to kill at an instant in the upcoming young adult movie “The Maze Runner”. Based on the bestselling novel series by James Dashner, “The Maze Runner” brings together a group of young boys (plus a girl) in a secluded place known as the Glade where they come and stay but does not have any idea of who they really are and what brought them there. The Maze's towering wall structure is full of creeping vines and seemingly empty corridors. It also masks a threat that terrifies even the most hardened and veteran Gladers. The hidden creatures, which the kids call Grievers, preys on those who stay too long in the Maze. This means everyone must get out of the Maze before its walls close because nobody survives a night there. Excited? Check out the cast and filmmakers video on the making of the walls:

“The Maze Runner” opens September 17 in cinemas from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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