Interstellar: Movie Review

"Interstellar" is not Christopher Nolan's best. In fact, it is rather flawed in many, many ways. But even though this is the case, "Interstellar" still brings a lot into the foray. Stunning visuals, extremely deep philosophical undertones and an ambitious scale, the film still packs an emotional and intellectual punch that will keep people talking for days.

An agricultural crisis has hit Earth and its human population has struggled for years in trying to find a solution. As crop after crop die off, mankind has only a couple of generations left before the point of no return. A team of explorers, led by skilled pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), undertakes the most important mission in human history; traveling beyond this galaxy via a newly-discovered worm hole to find out whether mankind has a future among the stars.

The grand scale of "Interstellar" is something to experience. In every aspect of the film, you feel a hefty quality that tells you that a special kind of attention to detail was used. In some ways this grandiosity works but in some it doesn't. Surprisingly, the film struggles a lot in telling its story. For a film bound in scientific claims, key plot points and scientific ideas in which it revolves around in felt too concise and confusing at times. In fact, missing one scientific idea could mean missing the whole point of a reveal. The film's almost three hour running time also felt little too long and we both agree that certain aspects of the story could have been trimmed or outright removed. Additionally, the film's third act could make or break the film for some. Without revealing much, we feel it's going to be controversial, talked about in days, weeks, months and probably years.

We cannot deny though that the film's biggest asset is its visuals specifically of those in space. We expected this from the get-go but seeing it first hand, we can honestly say that we were still blown away. The cosmos has never looked so beautiful and awe-inspiring ever. Acting-wise, Matthew McConaughey brings a stunning performance. Emotional is the number one word here and he instantly connects with the audience on this one. In the end, the film struggles to balance its epic ideas into a cohesive whole but "Interstellar" is still a damn great film to watch from one of the best directors of our generation. Even though this is not his best work, it's still better than most films out there.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- stunning visuals of the cosmos
- superb emotional acting from Matthew McConaughey

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the film struggles to create a cohesive and understandable plot

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