John Wick: Movie Review

The gruesome, no-holds barred, hyper violent nature of “John Wick” strikes a chord and combined it with stunning fight choreography and excellent cinematography means this film is wickedly fun and wickedly amazing to watch. Minus the simplistic plot revolving on vengeance, “John Wick” will entertain and will surprise.
After the sudden death of his beloved wife, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) receives one last gift from her, a beagle puppy named Daisy and a note imploring him not to forget how to love. But John’s mourning is interrupted when his 1969 Boss Mustang catches the eye of sadistic thug Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen). When John refuses to sell the car, Iosef and his henchmen break into his house and steal it, beating John unconscious and leaving Daisy dead. Unwittingly, they have just reawakened one of the most brutal assassins the underworld has ever seen.
Intense - this is the keyword that holds “John Wick” together. From the film’s first fifteen minutes or so, you’ll get an idea what all the fuss is all about. The film is not afraid to dig deeper into territories that even other darker films would not dare go into. Let’s just say the film ends up killing a dog and that dog triggers Reeves’ character into overdrive against the Russian mob. If it sounds silly, it kinda is. The film does not hide this fact and even implores this more and more int the plot. But minus the simplistic, formulaic and crazy plot, we get outstanding, gruesome and fresh fight choreography instead. Not a bad trade off especially how bad-ass Wick is. Enemies will drop as expected but the film found numerous ways to do these things new. In the center of all things is Keanu Reeves who was amazing in this one. Overall, this is easily his best films in years. If you haven’t watched “John Wick”, you should!
Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- intense, stunning fight scenes
- this is a beautiful film to watch
- Keanu Reeves is back

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- the revenge style plot is nothing new

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