The Pyramid: Movie Review

"The Pyramid" continues the seemingly cursed found footage genre as it fails to make a compelling reason to actually see it. The film may bring some scares and thrills from time to time but it does not bring anything new into the foray. The film is fraught of generic elements from older films and with the mistimed and rather quick deaths included, highlight the negatives of the film further. A found footage film inside an ancient pyramid sounds interesting enough on paper but how "The Pyramid" was executed turns out rather disappointing.

Father and daughter archaeologists Nora Holden (Ashley Hinshaw) and Miles (Denis O’Hare) discover a three-sided pyramid that may change Egyptian history itsef. The duo believe that this pyramid is special as it pre-dates all the other pyramids by at least a generation or more. But when civil unrest breaks out in Egypt, the team is forced to evacuate right before their investigation. The team, on the brink of a major discovery, decide to take a quick look along with a news camera crew. Unfortunately, they find themselves lost and trapped in a maze inside the pyramid. As they go deeper and deeper into the pyramid, they soon figure out that they are actually being hunted.

"The Pyramid", on paper, sounded really interesting. It felt like it was trying to break a mold in the found footage genre with ancient mummies at the helm. But the end product is sadly very far from that potential. What we get is a film that feels as old as the pyramid its featuring as the film headlines elements from older films. Worse, it feels like a lesser version of these as the film had a tendency to rather "surprise" the viewer with extremely quick deaths. The shock factor is definitely there (who wouldn't jump when a character dies midsentence) but it is also the cheap and stale kind of thrill. Additionally, the film had that lower quality feel. The effects were not on par with what we usually get from Hollywood releases as creatures looked unfinished and CGI effects "stood out" wrongly. The acting was also so-so overall. "The Pyramid" sad to say feels just okay. It feels safe and safe sometimes just doesn't cut it.

Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- has some scares from time to time

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the concept is interesting but the film hardly makes a case to make it more than that
- full of generic elements that we have seen from older films

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