Top 5 Biggest Mistakes in Star Wars

With the new Star Wars movie being one of the most highly anticipated movie releases in recent years, many hard-core fans have forgotten that Christmas is just around the corner as the release of The Force Awakens is far more exciting! As the release date for the new film in the ever-popular sci-fi saga nears, we want to take a look at some of the biggest mistakes made in the different movies over the years that many fans never noticed.

Han Shot First
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This is one of the most-talked about mistakes in the franchise and it refers to the 1977 movie in which Solo gets confronted by Greedo compared to what happens in the 1997 special edition version of the movie. In the original movie, we see Greedo shot from behind and slumped over a table yet in the 1997 version of the movie, a new shot is added in as we see Greedo shooting at Han Solo first and then as he misses, Solo fires back and kills his enemy. This mistake is such a hot topic that it is something that all fans of the series have a different opinion about. Even spawning its very own Wikipedia page. The story has recently been given a new edge when a study of Han’s battles throughout the Star Wars franchise discovered that there is only a 1 in 4 chance of Hans Solo shooting first.

Clumsy Stormtroopers
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Another famous mistake made in the movies was when a Stormtrooper walks into a door and bumps his head in a scene that somehow made it to the big screen. When the movie was released on DVD, producers embraced the funny side of their mistake and added a comical “thump” noise when the Stormtrooper’s head hit the wall and it has since become one of the most notorious mistakes in Hollywood of all time. We also see

Wrongful Death Suit
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During a battle scene between Princess Leia and a few Stormtroopers, she manages to hit one of them with a shot. However, despite viewers clearly seeing the Stormtrooper on the left hit, it is the Stormtrooper on the right that falls down. An obvious mistake that producers didn’t spot before the movie was released.

Colour Changes
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In the scene that sees Han Solo and Luke Skywalker dressed as Stormtroopers to disguise their true identity, we watch as an officer dressed in a cream coloured jacket walks past them. Yet in the shot that follows, the same officer has had a quick costume change and is suddenly wearing a black shirt!

Reversed Chest Plate for Darth
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Dedicated followers of the Star Wars saga would have spotted the now-famous mistake made as Ben and Darth Vadar fought. Vadar’s protective armour appears to reverse itself as in one scene it is suddenly on backwards along with the belt buckle keeping it in place and this has since been put down to the fact that the entire shot was reversed.

The upcoming Star Wars movie The Force Awakens promises to be packed full of the usual action from start to finish and eagle-eyed fans will be watching out to find the mistakes that made it through the Directors Cut in the newest release. All together now: “In a galaxy far, far away …”
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