Indie Film SAKALING HINDI MAKARATING Gets Nationwide Release - Opens February 1

Sakaling Hindi Makarating
It indeed has been a momentous year for local indie films last year and it seems that things are going to be the same for 2017. One of the most well-received independent films last year was "Sakaling Hindi Makarating". While we wanted to see it ourselves during its CineFilipino run, extremely high demand from the public prevented us from grabbing a seat. But here's some good news for those of us who missed it, it's now confirmed that the film will finally get a nationwide release starting February 1, 2017.

The drama film, directed Ice Idanan, focuses on Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi), a 27 year old workaholic whose world is literally unfolding as her fiance suddenly broke off their engagement and she just lost her job. One day, an anonymous sender starts sending Cielo postcards from different places around the Philippines. Curious to who this sender might be, she decides to go on a journey across the country and along the way rediscover herself.

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