WATCH: Is the Pixar Theory Real? Pixar Has Their Spin on the Theory

Pixar - John Lassiter and Team - Toy Story
One of the craziest things we've ever heard is The Pixar Theory by Jon Negroni in which he proposes that all Pixar films share the same universe - meaning what happened on a certain film affects what happens to the next one. For example, "Brave's" events as resulted to the super powers of "The Incredibles". If you take into account the film's releases chronologically, it doesn't make sense. But when Negroni tries to peg dates from the 14th Century to 5000 A.D. it somewhat does. Pixar has never said anything official about Negroni's theory but they did release a video a few days ago that posits a new take on that theory. Catch the video below:

For us, it's not a confirmation at all. More of a spin-off on the idea and showcases how Pixar has been placing easter eggs for their upcoming films - which is a known fact anyway. As they say in Vietnam, "Same same but different". That's probably the case here in this official Easter Egg video from Pixar.

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