Colin Hay - Waiting for my Real Life: Movie Review

We always here about successful people who have fallen on very hard times. Former athletes who lost millions and now bankrupt, actors who were A-list one day and the next year totally wiped off the planet. The documentary "Colin Hay - Waiting for my Real Life" is in the same mold but. Going in, we didn't even know who Colin Hay was and honestly speaking, we didn't expect much. But here's the thing, it turned out to be one of the most humbling and inspiring documentaries we have seen and we are now definitely fans of his.
The band "Men at Work" were one of the biggest revelations more than three decades ago. They quickly garnered success around the world and their hit song "Down Under" literally put their home country Australia on the global stage. Colin Hays and Men at Work could do no wrong. But the sudden disbandment of the band and Hay's failures as a solo artist test him through the years. This is his rise and fall, this is his life story.

The documentary "Colin Hay - Waiting for my Real Life" presents a one and a half-hour look into the life of Colin Hay from his simple roots from Scotland to garnering huge success with his band "Men at Work" to literally losing it all in a snap. The film was a mix of narrations by Hay himself or him playing live to an audience on stage. This brought in an in-your-face vibe that gave it that authentic feel. Additionally, Hay's life story is humbling to begin with but what mostly struck us was Hay's love of his craft. It's truly an inspiring experience to see someone doing a thing that he truly enjoys, loves and most importantly, excels at it. We also loved that the documentary was able to convey what makes Hay special. The live on-stage scenes were great supplementary material to the various interviews of Hay's friends, loved ones and fans proving what they loved so much about the man and why we, as the viewer, should appreciate Hay too. 
Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- one of the most inspiring and humbling documentaries we have seen

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- we wished it could have been longer in length

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