August Falls: Movie Review

August Falls - A Film by Sam Hancock
Don't let the simple premise of "August Falls" fool you. The film will continuously hook you in, and while you think you may know what's up, it will continuously shatter the assumptions you eventually build up in this whodunnit thriller. While you will find a majority of the film to be quite captivating, the revelation near the end wasn't worth it and the biggest reason on why "August Falls" ultimately falters.

When a mother (Fairuza Balk) finds out that her son, August, has committed suicide, she struggles to find acceptance and will go on a journey of mystery and her own hidden guilt.
August Falls - Fairuza Balk
The first scene in "August Falls" sets the tone with a creepy vibe and a revelation on who the true antagonist of the film is but it also shows the main reasons why "August Falls" fails to be more than just acceptable fare. Of note, we actually liked the premise of the film. It's simple enough to follow as a grieving mother tries to unravel the true nature of her son's untimely and unlikely demise. The film puts enough twists and turns to actually keep you on your toes but the film also fails to feel consistent. The transitions at times can be jarring and it could have used more time in the editing room. The acting is another positive for "August Falls". The main stars Fairuza Balk and Charles Baker showed their versatility. But the supporting cast, to put it bluntly, felt amateurish. Luckily, the film features Balk, Baker or both of them mostly. The biggest fault for "August Falls" is it fails to match the build up it leads audiences throughout its runtime. The final revelation will be a surprise not in a good way as it just ends everything abruptly. It will feel that "August Falls" trolled you. While the ending is a huge disappointment, don't let that stop you from seeing "August Falls". The characters are still interesting with their back stories and all and that alone may be worth the entry price.
August Falls - Fairuza Balk and Charles Baker
Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- interesting characters and back stories
- a simple premise unravels into a deeper plot

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the ending just ruined it

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