Get Out - Daniel Kaluuya
Part satire, part horror, part comedy, "Get Out" easily weaves its way into a very intricate and very effective social commentary on what's happening on the other side of the world. While its social nature may not directly impact Pinoys in particular, the film is a rollercoaster ride of emotions that at its core is entertaining as hell.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is an African-American photographer and artist in New York City who is taking his relationship with his Caucasian girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to the next level by meeting her parents over a long weekend. As soon as Chris arrives at the family’s rural, upstate home, he begins to suspect that everything is not as it seems. When all the black people in the family's estate act weird and out of character, his suspicion reveals itself to be more than unfounded paranoia. What starts out as a mundane, obligatory weekend spirals and builds toward a crazy revelation on the Armitage family's true intention.
Get Out car scene
Director Jordan Peele with his directorial debut makes the accomplishment he made with "Get Out" look easy and that some kind of amazing. "Get Out" isn't only a horror film, more than that, it's a comedy, satire and a social commentary film. The message is presented in a straight-forward manner with the script never really hiding the racist remarks of its mostly White characters. But the clincher for the film is the final revelation on what the heck is actually happening in the Armitage residence and why every Black person in town has been acting weird towards our protagonist Chris. The excellent story is supported by excellent acting from the cast. The leads did their parts well but we have to commend the supporting cast as they brought in much of the weirdness and fear into the film with their excellent portrayal of psyched out characters. "Get Out" is a simple film with a mind-blowing ending. Even without the social commentary, the film itself is unique, fresh and ultimately, fun and that's what really matters in the bigger picture.
Get Out - Weird Couple
Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the film easily plays with your emotions well
- the revelation was mind-blowing and unique

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- there's really no reason not to watch "Get Out"

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