WONDER WOMAN Themed Beep Cards Now Available

Wonder Woman Beep Card
If you were a kid back in the 90s, one of the few things that was definitely cool to do was collect those limited edition PLDT Fonekards. Well, two decades after, those fonekards are long gone but we do have the Beep Tap-to-Pay cards that you can use in the MRT, LRT1, LRT2, select buses, and even the NLEX. What's even cooler is that Beep Card has released a limited edition version of their pay cards with a "Wonder Woman" tie-in. It's P150 per card or P570 as a set of 4 designs. Unfortunately, no load value yet so it is a pricey but nonetheless cool investment. Here's hoping they create more limited edition cards soon. More details below on card availability below:
Wonder Woman Beep Card details

Photos courtesy of Beep Card Facebook and Beep Card Homepage

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